12 Houses Where You Can Ride Out the Apocalypse

An asteroid impact or a robot uprising? Thanks to The Walking Dead and Life After People, the idea of a future apocalypse that can destroy humankind has become extremely popular. But could we do anything to survive?

WeGoRo has prepared a list of houses where you can easily ride out the apocalypse.

1. The Oppidum

This luxurious residence in the Czech Republic is perfect for those wanting high standards of living even in crucial situations. The most advanced security system, a multiple-level underground shelter, large stocks of food, clean water, and medical supplies make it possible to survive in this facility for up to 10 years.

2. Vivos Xpoint

Located near the Black Hills of South Dakota, this complex could accommodate up to 5,000 people. 24/7 onsite security, comfortable separate bunkers, and constant access to clean water make it a good option if you’re planning to stay for a year...or maybe a little bit longer.

3. Survival Condo in Kansas

Survival Condo is a former rocket mine. In this luxurious complex, one can survive a nuclear explosion without sacrificing comfort: Survival Condo has a cinema, library, and swimming pool. Unfortunately, all of the apartments here have already sold out.

4. The Genesis

This is one of 4 futuristic houses designed by F9 Productions, perfectly suitable for everyday living but able to protect its residents from any above-ground catastrophe by burying itself underground. A blast-proof concrete cap, security tunnels, and life support systems will certainly come in handy in a battle for survival.

5. Underground bunker house in Las Vegas

Built in the 1970s, this 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom underground home is one of the most popular houses in Las Vegas. Underneath hides a bunker with a generator, elevators, an intercom system, a swimming pool, 2 jacuzzis, and even a dance floor. The home was originally built to protect its owner from the nuclear threat during the Cold War.

6. The Safe House by Robert Konieczny

This house has movable panels that easily turn it into a concrete cube, completely protected from any external influences. Entry is via a bridge leading to the only entrance on the second floor. When the concrete panels are spread out, the house turns into a comfortable modern dwelling with panoramic windows and a beautiful terrace facing the garden.

7. A massive underground bunker in Georgia

Built in 1969 and fully renovated in 2012, this bunker can withstand an array of potential threats, including a 20-kiloton nuclear blast. 32 acres of land, 3-foot-thick walls, decontamination showers, and an updated air intake system will provide you with all the protection you need.

8. Villa Vals

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll survive an apocalypse here, but it can definitely help you wait through difficult times. The 4-bedroom house is literally dug into the mountainside. The entrance to the villa is located in an unremarkable barn, from which a 20-meter concrete tunnel leads to the living quarters. Power is provided by its own hydroelectric power station, located at the nearest thermal spring. And the good news is you can stay here for a vacation!

9. Bunker in Yellow Jacket, Colorado

This small cottage in Colorado is almost invisible...except for the 30-meter radio tower. The walls are made of particularly strong concrete with steel reinforcement. The main residential part is underground, with sufficient protection in the event of a nuclear cataclysm. There are 4 independent energy generators, a 7-stage water purification system, and ventilation that can operate without an external air intake.

10. Atlas Survival Shelter

This bunker is a budget haven: protection from a global catastrophe for only $60,000. The pipe can’t compete in strength to concrete, but if you have a bunker installed deeply enough, it can protect you from a variety of disasters. With a bedroom, kitchen, and toilet, it can be retrofitted with life support systems and tanks for drinking water and fuel.

11. Modern vault rooms

Equipped with a fire containment system and power generator, this gorgeous vault is designed to comfortably shelter its occupants from any danger from the outside world. A security center hub, modular central couch, and modern TV system make this vault a good option not only for surviving catastrophes but also for relaxation after a hard day of work.

12. Zombie Fortification Cabin

Zombie Fortification Cabin is the world’s first zombie-proof log cabin from Tiger Log Cabins. A cozy and spacious dwelling with 2 bedrooms, an arsenal storage unit for weaponry, a garden, a garage, and barbed wire surround. The designers considered all possible forms of zombie attacks and are ready to provide their customers with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee.

Bonus 1: Flood protection

Thanks to climate change, the number of hurricanes and other natural disasters has dramatically increased in recent years. Some people build their own levees to try to keep the water away. This may be a good solution for areas where flooding is a common thing, but you should not ignore evacuation orders as even the best levees don’t guarantee 100% protection.

Bonus 2: Tsunami-proof building

While we are waiting for the era of green energy to arrive, scientists have created a project that can minimize risks connected with nuclear plant exploitation. This first floating nuclear power plant was designed with the purpose of making them less vulnerable to natural disasters. As a result of being built offshore, it can be automatically cooled by the surrounding seawater to prevent an escape of any radioactive material.

Preview photo credit Ferrari Press/East News