11 Types of 

11 Types of "Toxic" People Who Surely Poison Your Life

We are surrounded by people who can either inspire us to achieve great things or ruin our lives.

WeGoRo wants to show you different types of people. Some are totally “toxic“ and can bring you only a setback. Be careful, and say ”Good riddance!" to people if they are...

11. Critics

"Hey! I see you have a new haircut! Pity, it’s not for me. Such haircuts are only for those who have wrinkles like you..." Sounds familiar, huh?

Such people generally use sarcasm and severe remarks together with seemingly ordinary compliments. You’ll have to cut them down to size and answer them in their manner. They are not in the habit of hearing the same comments. When feeling your strength, they’ll leave you alone.

10. Victims

You haven’t seen each other for ages, and you don’t know any details of the life of this friend. This person never has time for you if you suggest meeting up. But suddenly there he or she is: with no money to pay the rent, no place to stay, and so on.

Such people should be rejected without any regrets. They only use you.

9. Alarmists

These people can create panic any time and any place for no reason. You might fail to analyze the situation properly when they are near, catching the nerve storm.

Try to avoid such people, especially when you are planning a trip or a vacation. They will not let you relax.

8. Hypocrites

They are always sweet to your face, but they hate you when you turn away. People will not hear anything true about you from such "friends." They always exaggerate and lie.

These guys just want to be popular and try to please everyone around them. It is not possible to trust them because they are going to betray you whenever it will be profitable.

7. Selfish

Selfish people are "fed" by your love and attention. They keep you close, promising everything you need but doing nothing. You also always do what they want, giving your free time and life to them.

You should run as fast as you can from such people. They love only themselves, not you.

6. Shadows

These shadow people left your life a long time ago. When meeting them, you don’t even know what to talk about. Still, you let them into your life just because you miss your past.

When any relationship is over, don’t dwell on it. Release this person to meet something new and wonderful. Don’t surround yourself with the shadows of your past.

5. Babblers

Attention! These are the phrases babblers tend to use: “We’ll definitely go to the beach together!“ ”Just wait one more year, and we’ll get married!" “I promise we’ll visit that awesome restaurant by all means!”

If you notice that your beloved person promises something and never follows through, it’s time to say goodbye.

4. "Take it or leave it" people

When doing anything wrong, they usually say, "It’s just me! Accept it!" They initiate a quarrel, break your things when they’re mad, or shout for only one reason: it’s just them. So you should accept them just as they are.

You don’t need such people in your life. If they are not trying to change at least tiny bits of their character to be more comfortable, you don’t need to stay in tune with them. You also have some habits and character traits, after all!

3. Touchy people

Touchy people can remember all your tiny faults for years. Any situation can be used to recollect all the sad things about you and your behavior. And that’s after you have already expressed regret about a thousand times.

As a result, you have a pessimistic person by your side all the time, and you can’t help but feel totally guilty for everything. Isn’t that a reason to avoid such people?

2. Enviers

They are a “walking complaint.“ Everything is much worse in their lives than you can even imagine. They envy you even if you are just in a good mood, complaining of having no such mood for years. Everything you feel with them is total emotional fatigue.

Do you even need it? Communication should bring happiness and joy. ”Erase" such people from your life ASAP.

1. Cheaters

These people see no harm in cheating on you. Or others. Being with another person is like "Whatever!" for them. They think they are absolutely free in their life, love, and way of thinking. Which means that your pain and feelings are nothing to them. Even if they apologize for being an airhead, they don’t really feel regret. But if you forgive such people, they will surely repeat the same mistake again and again.

Betraying once means betraying a thousand times more. You don’t need such people in your life.