11 People Working Faster Than the Speed of Light

Each of us can speed up if the situation requires it. A looming deadline, for example. But there are people who do their jobs as quick as a flash simply because they know how.

WeGoRo has collected photos and videos of real professionals. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus that shows what our speed depends on above all.

11. Hand-pulled noodles

To make Asian Lamian noodles, you have to twist the dough, fold it, twist again, and repeat many, many times. It’s difficult even in thought, let alone in deed. But the true experts manage not only to stretch the dough as quick as a wink but also to dance, giving real shows.

10. A designer

Known as "Adam Scissor Hands," the fashion designer Adam Saaks is famous for his ability to quickly turn everyday items into designer clothes using ordinary scissors. He cuts clothes with virtuosic precision, and he just wings his designs.

9. A waiter

What qualities does a waiter need to be really cool? Politeness, agility, and, of course, speed. And if the guy in this video participated in a waiters’ race (they have been held in many countries since the beginning of the 20th century), there’s no doubt that he would leave with a prize.

8. A hairdresser

In the first video, the hairdresser is working with metal fingertip scissors invented and patented by Valentino LoSauro, a hairstylist with 35 years of experience. In the second video, a razor that looks like something magical in the hairdresser’s hands is being used for cutting.

7. A competitive eater

Here you can see Matt Stonie, a competitive eating champion. The guy regularly pleases his fans with new records: 255 marshmallow bunnies, 182 bacon slices (2.5 kg), 4 hamburgers + 4 milkshakes + 4 large portions of French fries. And all this in 5 minutes! But for us, the magic lies in his ability to maintain a weight of approximately 60 kg.

6. A stamper

They say that monotonous activity calms and settles the mind. We do not know if this rule can be applied to this stamping girl, but contemplating this gives a certain somnolent effect.

5. Cutting vegetables

But these people’s skills cause slight envy because they can significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen. Just look at their masterful command of their knives — especially the woman cutting mushrooms.

4. Currency counting

To learn how to count money like this, you’ll need flexible fingers. And, of course, money. You just have to decide what to do first: develop flexibility or earn cash.

3. A samurai

Meet Isao Machii — the world’s fastest samurai. A Japanese company has developed a samurai robot that, like its prototype, shows excellent results in katana (combat sword) skills.

2. Running on water

Buddhist monks are famous for their unusual skills. For example, Shi Liliang, a Shaolin monk, sets world records in running on water: first of 118 meters, and a year later of 125 meters. He doesn’t run on the water’s surface but on floating plywood planks. According to Shi Liliang, his main secret is quick small steps on tiptoe.

1. Workers at a tomato processing factory

This plant in the Philippines produces 300 metric tons of tomato paste every day by processing 10-12 tons of fresh tomatoes. Fast work is important at such places. You can see it for yourself in this video (filmed at another factory).


And in what situations did you have to develop immediate speed? Tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit aichannel