11 Crazy Coincidences You Won’t Believe Really Happened

World history counts many events that seem to be light-years ahead of their time. We don’t know if they’re coincidental or not, but they’re surely interesting and attract our attention.

WeGoRo invites you to learn more about historic events and situations that people still can’t crack. Maybe you’ll be the first to solve the mysteries!

1. Mark Twain’s prediction

Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835, shortly after the appearance of Halley’s Comet. In 1909, he jokingly said, "I came with the comet in 1835, and I’ll go out with it the next time it appears." These words turned out to be prophetic: on April 21, 1910, Twain died of angina the day after the comet returned.

2. The curse of Tamerlane

On June 20, 1941, the tomb of Tamerlane, a Turco-Mongol conqueror, was opened. The sarcophagus had an inscription on it: "Whomsoever opens my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I." 2 days later, Nazi Germany attacked the USSR.

3. 2 strangers find out they’re twins

These Ohio twins, separated after their birth, didn’t know about each other’s existence. However, they’ve lived very similar lives. Their adoptive parents named both of them James. Both had a dog named Toy, and both had similar occupations. Not enough? Here comes more: they both married women named Linda and got divorced. They married again, each to a woman named Betty.

4. Bombing from the future

In 1932, journalist J. Bernard Hutton and photographer Joakim Brandt went to the Hamburg dockyard area to do a report. They came back scared and shocked, telling everyone about the air attack on the city of Hamburg. Brandt claimed he took photographs of the place. However, when he developed the photos, there was nothing on them — neither the bombing nor any other kind of attack.

11 years later, Hutton read information in a London newspaper about the bombing of Hamburg called Operation Gomorra. We don’t know if it was a coincidence, but Hutton claimed that he saw exactly the same attack in 1932.

5. "My great-grandfather looks like Johnny Depp."

The great-grandfather of an Imgur user really looks like Johnny Depp. Coincidence or reincarnation?

6. Cartoon predictions

In one of the episodes of Johnny Bravo, you can see a poster on the wall that says "Coming soon." This episode aired 5 months before the terrorist attacks on September 11.

The Simpsons has a lot of political references. But what if we told you that the cartoon can predict the future sometimes? In 2000, the episode "Bart to the Future" shows Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Who knew?

7. A plane from the future

In 1935, Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard examined an abandoned airport in Edinburgh. On the way home, he got into a storm and had to go back to the airport for shelter. The old airport seemed very lively and operational. On the landing strip, he saw a plane he hadn’t seen before.

4 years later, Goddard was sent to that airport again. He saw the same airplane that he’d been unable to recognize in 1934: the model was called Miles Magister. The production of this model began in 1937, almost 3 years after Goddard saw it for the first time.

8. The European Union in 1968

In 1968, science fiction writer John Brunner published his novel Stand on Zanzibar. The plot describes the European Union that was officially established in 1993.

9. A hipster in the past

You can definitely see a man who doesn’t look like the other people in this photo taken in 1941 during the opening of the Gold Bridge, British Columbia. The young man was called "a hipster" due to his looks. Well, take a look at his hairstyle, clothes, and sunglasses: they are all too modern for that time.

10. Eddie Murphy from the 1930s

Another remarkable case of celebrity "reincarnation" is Eddie Murphy. He looks like a perfect copy of a man in a photograph from the 1930s. Maybe some people know the secret of eternal youth.

11. The book that predicted the world financial crisis

The novel Atlas Shrugged, written by Ayn Rand, was first published in 1957. According to the plot, the US government tries to control private business more, planned economy replaces the free market, and the world experiences a severe financial crisis. Some people seem to believe that the book predicted the financial crisis of 2008.

Preview photo credit Erik Pendzich, Demotix, Fox