10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body in an Airplane

Summer is the hot season for vacations, and soon many of us will find ourselves onboard airplanes heading toward adventures. Some, though, have reservations about this kind of travel due to inconveniences.

We at WeGoRo decided to find out how air travels affect our bodies.

Your legs swell

While onboard, you can’t walk freely and stretch your legs. Unfortunately, lack of motion results in blood stagnation in the legs which may lead to swelling or even clotting.

To avoid this, stretch your legs from time to time.

Your tastes in food change

Scientists found that the brain areas responsible for taste preferences work differently in flight. Even those with a real sweet tooth can have a strange desire for tomato juice onboard a plane.

An unpleasant smell appears from your mouth

Dehydration causes our body to produce less saliva, resulting in active growth of bacteria and, consequently, a bad smell.

You can avoid this by having an exclusively healthy meal before the flight and chewing peppermint gum.

You suffer from skin problems

Dehydration also causes skin flaking and acne. The dry air onboard weakens our skin’s protective properties which results in skin issues.

Just take some moisturizing cream with you to stay safe.

Your head spins

You may experience dizziness, nausea, or even vomiting during a flight because the static picture you see doesn’t correspond to the feeling of movement, and the body is thus stressed.

Choose window seats near the wings to alleviate the symptoms.

You find it difficult to relieve yourself

Lack of mobility can also lead to constipation or flatulence. Long hours of sitting slows down metabolism, while a change of pressure makes gases alter their circulation pattern.

Cut down on calories before the flight, and stretch your muscles from time to time while onboard to avoid this problem.

Your hearing weakens

Changes of pressure onboard a plane may cause your ears to pop. If you let it be, the air will start pressing from inside, leading to temporary hearing impairment and pain.

Simple chewing gum or hard candy will help you out here. They stimulate salivation, and swallowing lets some air out.

You feel a sudden toothache

Many air travelers noticed pain in their teeth during flights. The reason is the abovementioned difference of pressures: the air gets into small orifices and presses your teeth from inside.

Visit your dentist before traveling to prevent this.

You consume dangerous bacteria

Despite all efforts to make the water onboard safe, most liquids there still contain harmful bowel bacteria.

To avoid infection, drink only bottled water, and don’t let your food touch the table.

You become more nervous

Even those who aren’t afraid of flying may become serious or even angry onboard. The reason is simple: we aren’t in control of our safety, and that makes us anxious.

An interesting book or movie or sound sleep will help you cope with that.

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