10 Superpowers Only Babies Have

To understand how amazing babies are, one only has to see them.

We at WeGoRo are sure that these little people are fantastic creatures. Here are some facts confirming this.

10. Babies don’t cry.

“What do you mean?“ you’ll say. ”That’s the only thing they do." But that isn’t so.

In fact, babies scream and moan but just don’t cry. Their tear ducts are closed, so they are unable to produce tears.

9. They feel great underwater.

This is called a diving reflex. It disappears when babies are about six months old.

When a child is immersed in water, he naturally holds his breath, and his limbs begin to make swimming movements.

8. They swallow and breathe at the same time.

In infants, the pharynx lies higher than in adults. When they swallow, the entrance to their respiratory tract is not blocked by the epiglottis.

Therefore, when swallowing, newborns can also breathe easily.

7. If necessary, babies can sneeze continuously.

The nasal passages in newborns are much narrower than in adults. Therefore, they need to be cleaned more often.

Since there is no possibility for a baby to blow his nose, he must use unconditioned reflexes. So a newborn can sneeze without stopping until his nose gets rid of irritants.

6. They fall asleep easily.

Many people think that when a newborn is asleep they should tiptoe and talk in the quietest whisper.

Young parents are usually perplexed when seeing how their child is sound asleep, ignorant to the sounds of renovation or loud music.

5. They have a natural accent.

Scientists have found out that babies cry with a national accent. They get it in the womb when hearing their mother’s voice.

4. Newborns know how to crawl.

Surprisingly, a newborn baby is fully capable of crawling to his mother’s breast. Although for this, you must put him on his mother’s stomach first.

According to scientists, infants are attracted by the smell of milk, which lures them.

3. Babies are very flexible.

The skeleton of a baby has about 300 bones. With age, many of them grow and coalesce into a single whole.

But before the bones are connected, the body of a newborn is extremely flexible. This natural feature is needed for the baby to pass through the birth canal.

2. Their hairstyle may change drastically.

Over time, children’s hair can completely change. The fluff with which the baby is born is shed, leaving room for new hair.

Because of this, blondes may turn into brunettes, and curls may be replaced by straight strands.

The same can happen with their eye color.

1. A baby can triple its weight and not get fat.

In the first year of their life, babies are developing rapidly. During this period, the weight of a baby may triple.

However, the child’s constitution is not affected in any way because it grows very quickly.

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