10-Question Intelligence Test That Is Very Different From Typical IQ Tests

IQ tests are very popular on the Internet and there are many different types available. The creators of the tests usually boost the scores so that the users see better results and feel more confident. The tests don’t always show that the user is a genius, but the scores are mostly all above average. IQ tests are often actually criticized by scientists, due to their claims that such tests aren’t a good way to study something as complex as human intelligence.

WeGoRo thinks that it’s perfectly normal to want to know that you are smart, but is offering a completely different approach.

What would you do in these situations?

1. Your child is receiving poorer grades in math. What would you do?

2. You are building a house. Would you choose to do everything on your own, compensating your lack of knowledge with enthusiasm, or would you hire professionals?

Do you agree with these statements?

3. Your boss insists that you lead a master class. How would you react?

4. When I have some free time, I...

5. When I am broke, I...

6. Do you think that knowledge can be useless?

7. What would you do in this situation?

8. Do you know people well?

9. Can you predict the future?

10. Do you solve problems after they appear, or do you prevent them?

  • If you made the right decision in all the situations (or most of them), you are very smart. You see the very essence of things, you respect the feelings of others and you know that people who overestimate their knowledge are usually unsuccessful. You accept the fact that you are imperfect which, in turn, makes you close to invulnerable.
  • If you did the right thing in less than 50% of the situations, you may be lacking in view things clearly. It’s easy to make you take a risk. Maybe, you have not yet matured enough emotionally in order to understand the consequences of your actions.

Bonus: which of the girls seems happier?

  • A — your left hemisphere of the brain is developed better than the right one. It’s easy for you to learn math, foreign languages, solve logical tasks. Your emotions don’t influence your critical thinking.
  • B — your left hemisphere of the brain in developed better than the right one. You recognize people’s emotions very well, such talents as playing musical instruments and drawing can be well-developed. So can your imagination.

We always need to know that we are smart. We don’t really need the truth, we only need confidence. Did you get what you expected this time? Tell us in the comment section below!

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