10 Movies Whose True Meaning You Never Even Guessed

From time to time, movie-watchers can’t understand why it is that a seemingly completely ordinary film leaves such a strong impression. The reason for this is that well-made movies are often built on a philosophical foundation that has an effect on your subconscious mind but which you can’t detect without thorough analysis.

WeGoRo got to grips with 10 famous movies. Now try rewatching them having learned about their hidden meaning.

Mad Max: Fury Road

People often don’t see any deeper meaning behind impressive action movies. When considered from a psychological point of view, however, all the characters in Mad Max are a reflection of the composite parts of our own personalities. Their escape reflects our fears, the green Earth our dreams, and their journey the transformation of the personality. This is why watching this movie can leave you feeling revitalized and liberated from your inner emotional traps.

Schindler’s List

The little girl in the red dress that we see in Schindler’s List is a reflection of the main idea behind the movie. Steven Spielberg himself commented that "In the USA, the USSR, and in England, people knew about the Holocaust. But no one did anything. We didn’t expend any resources trying to stop this ruthless march of death. This was a huge catastrophe that everyone saw, but no one did anything about it."


Attentive viewers may have noticed that there are two main colors in this movie: light blue (a symbol of eternity and of the sky) and a sandy color (symbolizing both earth and time). The characters change their appearances depending on their interpretation of these two symbols. The movie is, moreover, built around a mythological structure: a dream of paradise, ordinary people’s struggle with chaos, and ultimate salvation. Yet despite this epic mythology, the characters we see here are all ordinary people, which leaves you with such a strong impression.

Shutter Island

From the very beginning, the director of this movie lets us know that the main character is a mental patient: note the restraints in the detective’s room, the strained faces of the policemen, the nurses’ lack of seriousness when carrying out their questioning, the clumsiness of Miss Kearns. At the end, the main character realizes the truth, but because he can’t stand the pain it causes, he opts for a lobotomy.

Mr. Nobody

"Everything on Earth could be different, but it would have the same meaning," says Nemo, because the essence of any one thing remains permanent regardless of how much the thing itself changes. Nemo is a unique individual who can concentrate on the point of no return and see all the possible variations of change that could befall him. Having learned that all the versions of life with his mother are grounded in emotion and all those with his father are based on reason, he opts for a third approach: individual choice (the symbol of an individual reaching maturity).

Black Swan

Many people think that Black Swan is a movie about schizophrenia, about the radiant Nina and her second personality, Lily (the name means “night“ or ”darkness" in ancient Hebrew). In fact, this movie is about art as a phenomenon. All art has two sides to it: the creative and the destructive. True perfection is born only when these two sides are unified. This is metaphorically depicted in the movie.

The Neon Demon

It’s essentially impossible to make sense of this movie without taking the time to analyze it at some level. The neon demon is the dark side of any object we desire. The main character is a metaphor for extreme beauty. It’s also worth noting the constant images of triangles in this film: a symbol of the Holy Trinity. This hints at the idea that the world of fashion and beauty has become a new religion, while the catwalk is the modern-day holy service.

The Walking Dead

Have you ever thought about why a TV show about zombies has retained the attention of viewers for so long? Because it doesn’t just depict the world of the living dead but also different forms of government seen throughout human history — from slave-owning to democracy. With each new season of The Living Dead, viewers are able to develop new impressions about different kinds of society humanity has or potentially could live in.


The last 20 seconds of this movie make reference to another film, Unbreakable, indicating that this is actually an “origin story“ in relation to the latter. The term ”origin story" is usually applied to depictions of how comic book superheroes come to be the way they are. In turn, it is revealed that the character in Split is not simply an individual with a mental disorder but a superhero whose story intertwines with that of the character in Unbreakable.

Fight Club

As for Fight Club, the crazy yet ingenious theory exists that Marla is also another character dreamed up by the Narrator. Note that Marla and Tyler are very similar: both smoke constantly, wear the same clothes and rings, and even retain the same hairstyles. Marla, moreover, is in many ways similar to the Narrator and has the same problems: they both live in hotels; they change their clothes at the same time; they attend the same self-help courses — and there are plenty of other similarities besides. Marla may well be the female principle contained within the Narrator’s personality, existing at a time when he struggles with the masculine one within himself — Tyler Durden. Now rewatch the film with this interpretation in mind. Not even the cars notice her!

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