10 International Brands That Slightly Fumbled With the Name

Sometimes even the largest international brands make ridiculous mistakes in their advertising campaigns.

WeGoRo flipped through the book Brand Failures: The Truth About the 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes of All Time by Matt Haig and shares with you the weirdest and most amusing manufacturers’ decisions.

Chevrolet Nova is good but won’t go

The Chevrolet Nova wasn’t in demand in any Spanish-speaking country (and these are 23 pretty large states) because “no va“ is translated into Spanish as ”doesn’t go."

African shock with Gerber

Here the point is in the packaging. Gerber, baby food manufacturers, began to supply products to Central Africa with their standard label: a smiling baby. But they didn’t study the specifics of the local market: the fact is, most locals cannot read, and so local companies agreed to put an image of what’s inside the package on the label.

Ayds will help you slim down

If you think you’ve recently had some bad luck in your life, just remember Ayds, the manufacturers of diet candies. The candies were released in 1980, and in 1981 AIDS was first described.

Naughty Braniff Airlines

Having changed the conventional seats in their planes to leather ones, Braniff Airlines conducted an unsuccessful advertising campaign in Mexico, literally translating their slogan “Fly in Leather“ into Spanish: ”Vuela en Cuero!" sounded just like “Fly naked!”

Unsuccessful translation of Coca-Cola

After the release became a failure, it turned out that in the Taiwanese dialect of the Chinese language, the name Coca-Cola is consonant with the word combinations “female horse stuffed with wax“ and ”bite the wax tadpole." This forced the manufacturers to come up with a different name for the Chinese audience. Now it sounds like Kekoukele (“happiness in the mouth”).

Chic Bacardi Pavian

The famous brand Bacardi with its fruit drink Pavian (which in French means "chic") slightly failed in the international market because in many languages a Pavian is a baboon.

Provocative Mazda Laputa

“La рuta“ is a Spanish name for ”ladies of the night." Another failure on the market.

Monstrous Toyota Fierа

A fiera is an ugly and terrible old woman in Latin-American mythology. Another fiasco in the South American market.

"Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation"

Pepsi failed on two markets at once here, translating its key slogan “Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation“ way too literally. In German, it turned out to be the cheerful ”Come Alive From the Grave," and in Chinese — the promising “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back From the Grave.”

Preview photo credit coca-cola