10 Hairstyles You Should Definitely Try Out in 2017 to Look Super Trendy

A change of hairstyle is a good way to create a new image and feel more comfortable and confident. So why not try something bold?

WeGoRo shares with you some of the trendiest hairstyles you can try without hesitation this year.

1. Super straight

Straight, smooth, and glossy hair is the main trend of 2017, though it doesn’t suit everyone equally. Remember that your hair must be healthy root to end, so apply some protective spray before you reach for your hair straightener.

2. High ponytail

The higher the better, say the celebrities. Straight or careless — it’s your call. This option will fit any occasion, from casual and businesslike to romantic and sexy.

3. Flat waves

Another natural look: wavy hair made with the help of a straightener. Roll your hair onto it, and then slightly tousle it with your fingers to make it a bit wavy. Just remember to leave the ends straight.

4. Long bangs or retro style

Bangs have returned from 2016 with more length and volume. Now you don’t have to worry about your bangs being too much — it’s trendy!

5. Very long hair

The longest hair you can get is one of the biggest trends this year. If you don’t want to cut your hair or you’ve even thought about extending it, now is the time.

6. Super parting

If you want something new, try a side part instead of a middle one. This will give your hair more volume, and the natural and asymmetric look of it will inspire you to create something altogether different.

7. Shiny moist hair

Moist or smoothly gelled hair is a trend quickly caught up by celebrities. You decide how glossy and wet your hair should be. A stylish image is guaranteed.

8. Natural dyeing into chestnut blonde

Bright light gives this tint a blonde look, while more subdued lighting makes it look golden chestnut. This transformation will make you enigmatic and tender at the same time because no one will be able to name the color of your hair. If you’ve always wanted to try blonde, here’s your chance.

9. Androgyne haircut

Only the boldest ladies used to allow themselves this hairstyle, but now it’s all about minimalism and a challenge to traditional femininity.

10. Rebel style

This style combines sexiness, natural looks, and individuality. Such a hairstyle is a symbol of youth and boldness. A little carelessness will go nicely with any outfit. The only thing to remember is to combine it with your overall image.