10 First Ladies Whose Stories Prove That Every Woman Has Her Secrets

Every woman has her little secrets and weaknesses. However, concealing them becomes a particularly delicate matter when the whole nation watches your every step.

As we at WeGoRo have recently discovered, even the lives of the world’s most famous First Ladies include things that are best kept hidden from the public.

Jacqueline Kennedy


Back in the days of Kennedy’s presidency, smoking used to be a very common habit among women. Nevertheless, this wasn’t something that society approved of.

That is why Jackie Kennedy’s passion for smoking was meticulously concealed. Even the photographers closely associated with the White House were strictly forbidden to take pictures of the First Lady with a "nicotine stick" between her fingers.

Princess Diana


To this day, many believe Princess Diana, the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, to have been perfection itself. Only a small percentage of people are aware of the fact that this beautiful woman had very strong misgivings about her body.

Diana used to suffer from bulimia, which has since become known as the Princess’s “secret disease“ and the ”Diana effect."

Mary Todd Lincoln


Mary Todd Lincoln came from a wealthy family and had no notion of what it felt like to be short of funds. She took pleasure in renovating the White House and buying lavish outfits.

As a result, she couldn’t control her spending and eventually became involved in a grandiose scandal after misusing money intended for the needs of the Army.

Imelda Marcos


Imelda Marcos, the widow of the 10th President of the Philippines, is another First Lady famous for her extravagant spending sprees. Nicknamed by her countrymen the "Steel Butterfly," she became obsessed with shopping after gaining unsupervised access to the nation’s budgetary funds.

When President Marcos and his wife fled the country following a military coup, over 1,000 pairs of expensive designer shoes were discovered at Imelda’s apartments inside the presidential house.

Nancy Reagan


One of the closest life-long advisers to the 40th US President, Ronald Reagan, was his wife, Nancy. She became even more concerned about her husband’s well-being after an assassination attempt on his life in 1981.

What few people knew is that Nancy herself used to "consult with the cosmos" before giving advice to the President. The First Lady was fascinated by astrology and regularly visited her personal stargazer.

Helen Taft


Helen was the wife of US President William Howard Taft. Her tenure in the White House coincided with the Prohibition era which lasted until 1933.

Ignoring the ban on the sale of alcohol, Helen not only did nothing to stop the law-dodging booze dealers but she herself attended parties where punch and champagne flowed freely.

Carla Bruni


Carla Bruni is the wife of the 23rd President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. Their romance developed at a breathtakingly swift pace, and their wedding took place soon after the pair first met.

Subsequently, however, Carla admitted she would prefer polygamy to traditional marriage. According to her interviews, the ex-First Lady is fond of enjoying attention from several admirers at once, and her love for one particular person lasts no longer than 3 weeks.

Rachel Jackson


Rachel was the wife of the 7th US President, Andrew Jackson. The couple was married in 1794.

The shocking truth came to light during the presidential elections: it turned out that Andrew wasn’t Rachel’s only husband. Even though she married Jackson, she never divorced her first husband, Lewis Robards.

Bernadette Chirac


Bernadette Chirac, the wife of former French President Jacques Chirac, no doubt deserves to be called a very patient woman. Her composure has always been more than worthy of the title of First Lady.

She did her best to conceal the illicit affairs of her husband. Being well aware of his tendency toward polygamy, she spent a long time pretending nothing was happening. However, in recent years, these family secrets have finally become public knowledge.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah


Rania is the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. She always looks utterly charming and behaves according to her status.

But Rania has one weakness which rarely gets mentioned in the press: she adores wearing golden shoes decorated with precious stones. The weight of an average pair of such shoes approaches 0.9 lbs, but the Queen is apparently unperturbed by the inconveniences.

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