10 Childhood Photos of World Leaders That 95% of People Can’t Recognize

We are used to seeing people who occupy high political offices serious and absorbed in matters of state. Still, each of the world leaders was once a little boy or girl and used to play tag and read fairy tales.

WeGoRo invites you to take a look at 10 pictures of carefree kids enjoying their childhood. Can you recognize them as future presidents and monarchs? You can check your guesses in the answer section at the end.

1. This little girl has always had the poise of a real lady.

2. America’s future favorite with a loyal friend.

3. This baby girl will grow up to become one of the best-known female politicians.

4. This fair-haired boy will surprise the whole planet.

5. We’ve been hearing a lot about this one lately.

6. This angelic smile is no accident.

7. She was a role model for girls even before entering politics.

8. And this one is a US president-to-be with his sister.

9. Serious family, serious photo.

10. This boy didn’t lose his charisma even in the highest state office.


1. Queen Elizabeth II

2. John Kennedy

3. Angela Merkel

4. Donald Trump

5. Vladimir Putin

6. Pope Francis

7. Hillary Clinton

8. George Bush Jr.

9. Prince Charles

10. Barack Obama

Preview photo credit Facebook, eastnews