9 cakes that you will refuse to share with friends

9 cakes that you will refuse to share with friends

What are cakes made of? Well, every housewife knows it’s made of flour, eggs, sugar, etc… However, creative minds go far beyond and make it from…  Towels, clothes, kitchen utensils, spices, spa facilities and even diapers! Can you think of more? They were made for different purposes: housewarming shower, baby shower, 50th anniversary, bachelor party. Reasons are multiple, the result is a mere fun!  So, welcome to an unusual cake tasting:

Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are great for baby shower!


Candy cake
Candy cake will be a perfect alternative to a traditional one for a kids party!


Spices cakeKitchen cake

Kitchen cakes are a great gift for a true-born chef!


Beer Cake1

Unreal cake for a real boy!
(Great gift indeed, it will always be welcome in a make company)

Spa cake

True ladies can also be treated with a cake that will not spoil their shapes – a spa cake will make any female heart melt!

Money Cake

A really helpful one for this period of life!


Toilet paper cake 50 years old cake
These gag cakes are real fun for 50-years olds who can accept this date with proper sense of humor. Finally, laughter makes life longer!

I hope, you got inspired and are ready now to bake your own cake!