Where stay Santa’s deer all the year round

Deer are so tender and airy-fairy, they are symbols of the forest, of nature and changing seasons with their changing horns. Meeting a deer in wild nature is a rare

To fish a lot, stay properly!

Fishing is an exciting sport activity, that also brings health, not harm. It unites people with nature, gives you time to concentrate, or to communicate in relaxed way, if you

Why so many people are in love with ballet?

Ballet is a kind of magic, everyone who tries it feels inner beauty and becomes more beautiful physically. Exercises, that were worked out in centuries, serve for elongating body and

Cat-friend and Dog-friend

This is a bright acting of cat and dog pets treating their master. The actors did pretty funny staff, for they came quite close to the reality.

Can animals be friend?

Some moments in animals relations are so touching that you ask yourself if humans are capable of such beautiful doings. What this video shows is a mere kindness, no instinct,

How hard it is to bring up a son?

There’s no such an important person for a boy, than his father. The person who is his future prototype, the one whose behavior he will take, the habits that will

What mystery is hidden on the bottom of human eye?

Eyes are always a part of human beauty, the mirror of the personality, the most powerful source of our contact with the external world. Every color is beautiful, every shape

Stroller for Batman

When father is a Batman fan, the kid will help him follow his dreams! Super-fan Builds team has created this stroller for a really devoted dad. The team pretends to

Their faces are happy and disgusted in the same time!

What is your feeling when a dog licks your face? You feel how devoted and friendly the animal is to you. And in the same time… it’s a bit too

Men look so natural doing this.

Wnen men begin upon sewing, they get involved and attracted by this process, and it often becomes their hobby. In times of practical arts, it was one of crafts told

Toys for severe guys look like this

In the streets, among common people there is a team  of guys who really differ. Their bikes are like their wings – they give those guys total freedom in space.

Dream shoes for every kid

What is the best pair of shoes you have worn in your life, or dreamed about having? Your recollections will surely take you to the past, to the times of

A very beautiful place that is hard to admire

A gifted photographer, Richard Silver, lightened for the audience the prettiness of church ceilings all around the world. They are enormously beautiful and distinguished, they were executed with a lot

Do you want a blue monster to give you a cookie?

Cookie Monster is a character out of order. He is beloved as much as all the cookies he offers and glorifies. And he also gave a kick start to numerous

What stories can your hands tell?

This shadow theater video will prove you there’s nothing you can’t tell with your hands, no story or fairy tale!  It is as captivating, as a real cartoon, and the

What is the house you dream about from childhood?

There’s a special place where you enjoy being alone, along with your unique dreams and troubles. This happy escape is to be shared only with closest friends. What would be

Where got the audacious photographer to impress you?

What is the high point where you start to beware of the altitude? How high can you climb? Or does a huge space under your legs give you enormous pleasure

What do they feel in storm on their sailboat?

There severe people keep calm in the middle of heavy wind and weltering waves. They are sure about what they do, their sailboat obeys them as a little puppy and

Have you heard of these horse breeds?

Russian Don horse. They come from the mix of steppe nomad horses. In ancient times, they could be Nogai horses from Mongolia, Karabagh, Turkmen and Persian Arabs. American Saddle Horse.

How animals carry their treasure?

Animals have mush more developed instincts, and they often have the solution how to do, and it turns out the most suitable one. And they have the answer for a

If women were musical instruments

What are the successful photos of women with musical instruments? Guitar shape was inspired by female curves, and it’s no wonder that women look great on photos with guitars. This

What is beautiful when it’s spoiled?

Photographers spot beauty in the most unexpected places. In the backyards, in abandoned rooms and garages, beneath old boats, bikes and cars. There, where human work was left without attention

What is the most noble pet ever?

1. Real nobility, the grandeur of character is a distinctive streak of Iberian horses. 2. Barb horses. Stallion named Roan, of Barb breed, belonged to Richard, the II(1367-1400), the King

How should a man look to make women fall in love

When looking at them you will not stay indifferent. Rush towards battles, rough beauty of scarfs, blood on the blade. This eager desire to fight with them shoulder to shoulder