Severe romance of dock workers

Severe men, with rusty iron muscles, that make the docks function. They are like metal parts of clock mechanism, unlikely to betray. There’s no friendship more reliable, there’s no team

Swan love of unique beauty

Pretty and royally gracious birds are an image of devoted and true love. The one that will last forever, the one that accepts any age, character, health change. The one

Hands as a magic bridge from one soul to another

Humankind possess a great strategy of bringing up its members in hard times. Helping hands are a symbol of readiness to help, of care and attention. Whatever the grief is,

Parking of a boat as an art

Can you park? Can you park your car as a master? See a virtuoso park an enormous long boat into the port as narrow as you wouldn’t believe it! A

A mindblowing flower!

These flowers are like bright lights in grass, they seem to warm as as mush as first sun rays, and give the feeling of childhood. For once you blow their

What pictures of Buddha drew inspired artists?

A prince i blood and a prince in spirit, this great character is still of big importance to the humanity. And his portraits serve as endorsement of  his statements, calling

Want some chemistry? Take Coca-cola!

A creative team will show you how to transform a bottle of well-known beverage into scientific research and make a lot of fun with friends! The experiments are easy to

What would be your face, if you left a barbell?

Weightlifters make great job, working their body out for years, without betraying their affair. And once they perform, they should look as good as models at a fashion show. Though

Cat eye is a rainbow!

There is a photographer in Philadelphia, named Andrew Marttila, who loves animals so much that he keeps photographing them with passion and admiration, and that’s why his work is so

Time, when you want to be outside

Sometimes they are so beautiful, that they seem unreal. Sunsets have attracted humankind from the time we remember ourselves. They are an absolute beauty, a rest for eyes and  a

Archery, the forgotten and noble martial art

Lars Andersen has been not only practicing, but studying archery for ten years, making researches in numerous manuscripts and making conclusions, that were neglected so long. That is why he

Photos with the scent of coffee

Morning starts wonderfully, when you take time for a single cup of strong coffee, and take its bracing up aroma with you for all the day to come.  These images

Letters from the past will tell about the future

Ancient Egyptians left us a lot of mysteries, and their messages from the past have still not been totally decoded. In those distant times, inscriptions were much more similar to

Babies and ice-cream is an explosive mix!

Ice is something kids can make everything for. Yummy pleasure attracts them so much that they become too natural and … funny! And it is so baby-style to fall asleep

Depth as instrument in your hands

Depth of field is something that makes a photography enchanting, magic, it targets the view of the spectator on one object, making the rest of the world present, yet not

Photos that charge you with love

People in love become different. They sparkle and shine, they are charged with energy, with attention to everyone around. They blossom with smile. And they are capable only for good

A photographer who is the master

Eugenio Recuenco, a Madrid photographer, seems to take photography art to a quite different level – the one it has never been to. His photos take are posed, and they

Food and wire give… a new story!

A creative mind will find its way in every situation, with every material, with any audience. Such a simple thing as food can be unexpectedly expressive, and a hungry eater

Let’s board with greatest pirates!

Wolves of the sea, they feel  on board more confidently, than on still ground. One eye, peg leg, parrot on shoulder, that’s their severe handsomeness. They know no mercy, and

A burning bird that will never die

Very old legends keep telling us about a special bird with magic capacities – a legendary phoenix. It is all in fire, it is always on the good side, and

Fragile and amazing sand architecture

Some people love making sand castles, and few of them are so very passionate, that when they finally stop, a marvelous sculpture stays in front of them. Magicians of sand

A pet that will make your heart melt

This touching video shows how open, tender and curious can be a couple of ducks who live with loving and careful owner for whom they really matter. Sometimes they seem

Can you imagine a chair that you will not want to leave?

Designers came up with a new idea of furniture, that seems necessary in today’s hard times of full-time jobs plus extra hours. It is a nap chair, a convenient match

Comic babies look at you from everywhere

Small kids often invent thing that make us burst into laughter. They can create much more funny events, for in their discovery of the world, they see no limits. And